2021 Showreel
Local Legends

Local Legends is a show I created for the biggest network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN in 2017. My idea was to highlight the best Filipino craftsmen from all over the country and went on to feature chefs and artists in succeeding seasons. I was the director and cinematographer for all episodes. The show ran for 3 seasons and won 2 international awards for cinematography among other recognitions. The show was aired several times a week in ABS-CBN's different platforms until the network was shut down by the Philippine government in 2020.


Invisible is a full length documentary about mental health I shot and directed in 2019.

Heroes in the Hotzone

Filming at a time of great uncertainty, I was able to capture how the Covid-19 virus brought the capital city to a standstill.

Mukha (Faces)

Mukha is a documentary program I co-created in 2014 that tells inspiring stories of Filipinos amidst struggles and triumphs. It was a weekly show where I served as the director and cinematographer. The show was the first in the Philippines to be awarded a Silver Dolphin for Best Documentary at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in France.

Alab (Ablaze)

Alab is a documentary that offers a peek inside the fire station brotherhood and the raw, emotional struggles of their everyday battles to save a life or to rescue a comrade. 




I am a Filipino cinematographer, director, and producer. I have over a decade of experience covering social issues, disasters, conflicts, politics and environmental issues. My work has taken me as far north as the Arctic documenting the devastating impacts of climate change to a thousand meters below ground covering the harsh working conditions of miners. My main focus are documentaries, while also doing advertising and other types of content on the side.


email: dan.buenaventura50@gmail.com
mobile: +63998-5316313